Khansaa company for the manufacture and trade Oriental Abaya and Abaya Moroccan and Jalabiyah and th

City: Aleppo
Inspired by the Middle charming when mixed with elegance highlights the heritage of the ancient name Khansaa ancient Arabic name that your neighborhood has a manually skilled hands and creative spread in the world and palaces decorated by women dressed in Eastern indication of the originality and creativity of the past present in the most beautiful picture of a characteristic of Arab women. Khansa is the house of fashion women's traditional Arab for the latest and finest jalabiyas and Abayas Thanks to benefit from the vast expertise which has our company from the outset by relying upon in making traditional dress in addition to its mark distinct we had the honor blazed a path to the gate of the world cloak modern that meet all the needs of women and elegance so that can claim the mantle of Khansaa luxury in a different atmosphere and events and sons that, supported the customers Arabs and foreigners and the constant concern to the trust and expectations of our customers us leads us always to renew the designs and creations adoption experience hand to show the creative ideas to optimize the interest in gender at the expense of quantity and Province of us on paper and luxurious products in order to be worthy to carry our name Khansaa you the Covenant to provide possession to your satisfaction. Founded in 1984 Khansaa in Syria to offer a range of high-end hand-drawn designs professionally distinct spirit of innovation, creativity and innovative haircuts high-quality precision and workmanship using the finest fabrics and precious world. At the beginning of setting up a company Khansaa (verse Tex previously) was our production center on the production of Abaya and veil for women and marketed in the Syrian market, but in a very short period managed company Khansaa to expand production and become one of the leading companies in the production of clothing veiled of all kinds and forms (Abaya Oriental, Abaya Moroccan, abayas, Gulf Abaya Kuwaiti Abaya United Arab Emira
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Contact Information
First branch: Office: Aleppo - Alll - Haritani Center - first floor - second branch: Factory: Aleppo - through the door - as opposed to Dar Al Shifa Hospital
Phone: 963-21-32270421
Fax: 963-21-32270420
Mobile: 963-944943214
Company Email:
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Person In Charge
Hussein Abdel-Kader
G m
Phone: 963-21-2117171
Mobile: 963-955 400 493
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